Posted by: Zapata Parra | 01/10/2010

Konnichiwa! Here’s a Few Features…

I don’t know how most people feel about Japan, but i think it’s a great place. I’m into places like Japan. Why, you ask? Because, Japan has peaceful places like Japanese gardens; and huge places to shop; amazing features that Japan is famous for; and so much more! Japan has lots of technology, but it also has lots of original, low-tech places like the amazing beauty of Hokkaido. Hokkaido is an extraordinary place with lots of fields flowing with rainbow colored flowers. What a sight to see! I really recommend you visit Hokkaido, Japan. Also, if you want to visit a super hi-tech city in Japan, I recommend Tokyo. Tokyo has lots of places to see with lots of hi-tech buildings. It’s even better than New York! Of course, that is based on your opinion. But still, personally, I love it in Tokyo! It’s a great place to sit down in a park and have a nice cup of Japanese Green Tea, (which believe it or not comes hot straight out of the vending machine) which is personally my favorite tea!

So those are only a few features of Japan. There’s still more to explore further on in the website! Kudasai (please), keep reading! 🙂

Japan at a glance…

Language Name: Japanese

Name in Language: Nihongo

Approximate Number of Speakers: 125 Million

Close Relatives: Ryukyuan, Korean

Donations to English: Aikido, Bento Box, Bonsai, Futon, Geisha, Harikiri, Ikebana, Judo, Jujitsu, Kamikaze, Karaoke, Karate, Kenod, Kimono, Ninja, Origami, Sake, Sashimi, Sumo, Sushi, Tatami, Tsunami, Wasabi, Yakuza

Japanese GardenJapanese Bonsai TreeHakkaidoTokyo


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